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Infinite Outsourcing offers highly skilled and experienced professionals that fit your needs

You will find a highest standard of professionals and skilled team . Our team takes a creative and hands-on approach to meet your company's challenges.

  • Email Management
  • Chat Management
  • Help Desk Management

Email Management

Email is increasingly becoming the most popular form of communication. Companies are being flooded with ever increasing amounts of email. And customers are increasingly demanding a high level of service and response (turnaround time and quality of response) for their email requests.

Most customer care service operations in organizations have been designed around a telephone contact. Organizations are not equipped to deal with the heavy email traffic. Using advanced technology, Infinite IT Solutions offers relief with its InfiniteMail solution that provides the same queuing and response capabilities for an email that are currently available for phone contacts. So call us before customer email requests become a nightmare.

Our InfiniteMail service will respond to emails via one or any combination of the following methods:

  • Automated response
  • Computer-aided response
  • Manual response

In case of both computer-aided and manual response, InfiniteMail service analyzes, sorts and routes incoming email to the appropriate Customer Support Executive by skill group.

Our InfiniteMail service enables quick response to high volume of customer email while extracting real-time customer data and performing one-to-one Internet marketing. We offer dedicated Customer Support Executives providing expertise and quick response.

Chat Management

Live online chat can be one of the most compelling tools you can use in building customer relationships. You actually provide your customer with a human interface to help the customer navigate through various activities such as purchase processes, filing online insurance claims, applying online for credit cards, technical support and endless others. Our representative will take your customer through all processes by providing the human interface required. They can courteously handle any complaints and suggestions, should there be any.

According to a survey conducted by NFO Interactive, 35% of online shoppers said that they would buy more if they could interact in real time with a sales person from an e-commerce site. Infinite IT Solutions provides e-commerce sites with a customer service "back-end." Contact can be initiated by voice call, web callback, chat, e-mail or fax. All forms of customer contact are routed, queued, and monitored the same way for consistent quality and turnaround time.

Help Desk Management

Our Helpdesk Services offers your organization a unique blend of proven support methodology and services customized to your environment. Infinite IT Solutions offers to set-up and manage technical helpdesks for internal as well as external users for the client. The help-desks are operated by high quality technical resources and operate 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Our rapid response, senior level support and state-of- the-art call management system enable a complete Helpdesk solution specifically designed for your organization.

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